About Ancient Life

Scott McCulloch, DotNetNuke Module Developer & Ancient History EnthusiastAncient Life is the product of Scott McCulloch (contact Scott McCulloch on Google+), an experienced technology professional and part time history student.

What’s with the blog name?

The name was an adaption of a blog I used to read called modern life and I thought ‘what better name to write down my thoughts on the classical worlds of Rome & Greece than ancient life‘?

What have I done?

Professionally, I’ve been developing in the Microsoft world since 1999. Initially focusing on DNA development using ASP/COM and eventually moving to the world of .NET in 2001. Since then, I’ve co-written a few books (here and here), participated in a great open source project, wrote some modules for dotnetnuke and launched a countless number of applications & websites. If you are really interested, check out my linkedin profile.

But who are you really?

I live and work in Wollongong, NSW, Australia. I’m happily married and have two young sons. I like dogs more than cats, Romans more than Greeks. I study Ancient History & Philosophy part time at Macquarie University.

I’m naturally curious about the ancient world and hope you enjoy this blog.

Scott McCulloch