Alexander the Great Exhibition in Sydney 2012


An exhibition on Alexander the Great is about to descend on the Australia Museum in Sydney from The State Hermitage in Russia.

The exhibit will display over 400 objects from classical antiquity relating to the reign of Alexander the Great.

Stricly for a limited time, this exhibition will open on November 24th 2012 and end on April 28th 2013.

The Collection on Display (400 objects+)

The collection on display contains over 400+ objects relating to the reign of Alexander the Great. This exhibition includes the famous Gonzago Cameo (pictured below) and a polished black basalt statue of Cleopatra VII.

The male figure on the cameo is clad in the attributes of Alexander, including a laurel-wreathed helmet, and wears a gorgoneion.

The exhibition is further split into six major themes:

  • The Myth of Alexander
  • Alexander’s Background
  • His Eastern Campaign
  • The Hellenistic cultural legacy created by Alexander’s empire
  • Ongoing Hellenistic influence
  • Reinventing Alexander
I’ve already booked my ticket!

Exclusive Events at the Australian Museum

Alexander and Aristotle

Beyond the exhibition itself is a series of night lectures that explore the subject of Alexander in richer detail:

  1. The Macedonian Background and Alexander’s Life till his Accession Thursday 31 January
  2. Alexander the Great – not so alone: Alexander’s Nearest and Dearest Thursday 7 February
  3. The Evolution of Hellenistic Warfare Thursday 14 February
  4. Alexander the Great in India (Pakistan, and Afghanistan) Thursday 21 February
  5. East and West, Before, During and After Alexander Thursday 28 February
  6. Alexander the Great or Alexander the Lucky Thursday 7 March
  7. Imagining the divine Alexander Thursday 14 March
  8. Alexander in Popular Culture Thursday 21 March

(these I’ll definitely be attending!)

The Ultimate Event – 3 Week Overseas Tour

Alexander the Great's conquests through Asia and beyond.

Lastly is an overseas trip on what has been described as ‘cultural and archaeological tour‘ following in the footsteps of Alexander!

Taking in the major archaeological sites and museums in Greece, the tour travels to Turkey to visit the major milestones of Alexander’s trek through Asia-Minor.

More information about the tour can be found here.

Booking and Event Information

Further booking and exhibition information can be found at:

Scott McCulloch
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5 Comments on "Alexander the Great Exhibition in Sydney 2012"

  1. You are a lucky man. Take loads of pics and post them!

  2. Hi Scott,

    They didn’t let us take pics inside the exhibition but the Gonzago Cameo was the best piece (it was much larger than I expected)

  3. Brian Todd Carey says:

    Scott, thanks for highlighting this exhibit on your website. I imagine it was quite fun to see, and an important contribution to our understanding of Alexander.

  4. Thanks Brian – I have 2 of your books which are excellent (assuming I have the right person).

    The two are “Hannibal’s Last Battle: Zama and the Fall of Carthage” and “Warfare in the Ancient World”.

    The second was based on a review by Scott Manning here:

  5. Alexandra says:

    I’m a Chinese and I’ m a big fan of Alexander the great. I’m very fond of Ancient Greece and I enjoy your website!

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