History Timeline

The ‘Ancient Life’ timeline of events in the ancient world. This section will be expanded as we uncover the people, places and events that shaped the Roman and Greek worlds.

Fourth Century BC

359 B.C.Philip II accedes to the throne of Macedon.
356 B.C.Alexander born in Pella.
Philip II captures Potidaea.
Parmenio defeats Paeonians and Illyrians.
354 B.C.Demosthenes attacks idea of a ‘Crusade against Persia’.
Philip captures Methone and loses an eye in the battle.
352 B.C.Atrabazus and Memnon refugee with Philip II, who now emerges as potential leader of crusade against Persia.
351 B.C.Philip II’s fleet harassing Athenian shipping.
Demosthenes’ First Philippic
348 B.C.Philip II captures Olynthus.
Aeschines’ attempt to unite Greek states against Philip II fails.
346 B.C.Embassy to Philip II from Athens.
Halus besieged by Parmenio.
Peace of Philocrates ratified.
Second Athenian embassy held up till July.
Philip II occupies Thermopylae.
Philip II admitted to seat on Amphictyonic Council, and presides over Pythian Games.
344 B.C.Philip appointed Archon of Thessaly for life.
343 B.C.Aristotle is invited to Macedon as Alexander’s tutor.
311 B.C.Secession of the Flute Players in Rome.

Third Century BC

215 B.C.Philip V’s treaty with Hannibal
214 B.C.First Macedonian War
212 B.C.Rome’s treaty with Aitolians against Philip
207 B.C.Death of Machanidas, accession of Nabis at Sparta
205 B.C.Peace of Phoinike
204 B.C.Antiochus III seizes the rest of Pergamene territory
202 B.C.Philip’s campaign in the Aegean
First Macedonian War (214-205 B.C.)

Second Century BC

200 B.C.Philip V of Macedonia invades Attica
197 B.C.Rome defeats Philip V of Macedon at Cynoscephalae
196 B.C.Roman proconsul Titus Quinctius Flamininus proclaims ‘Freedom of the Greeks
195 B.C.Roman war against Nabis
192 B.C.Aitolians attack Sparta, assassinate Nabis
Philopoimen, Achaean league general, defeats Sparta; Sparta enrolled in Achaean league
190 B.C.Athenians become allies of Rome
189 B.C.Battle of Magnesia: Romans defeat Antiochus
188 B.C.Peace of Apameia divides Asia Minor between Rhodes and Pergamon
Ancestral constitution of Sparta abolished
Second Macedonian War (200-197 B.C.)
Syrian War (191-188 B.C.)